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Unable to work due to a medical condition? Why not apply for Social Security disability / SSI?

If a medical condition is keeping you from working full-time or if you have a child with a serious medical condition, you need an attorney to help you file your Social Security Disability / SSI benefits claim and represent you throughout the process including representing you in court if needed.

Whether you are dealing with a bad back, a chronic heart condition, or any other medical condition, we'll work to develop and strengthen your claim.

Our services include:

  • We help with all the paperwork involved including applying and appealing for your claim
  • Advise you along the way to help strengthen your claim
  • Obtain and pay for all necessary evidence in your case
  • Our disability attorneys represent you in court if needed and draft the necessary paperwork on your behalf
  • We only use licensed attorneys, not non attorney representatives


You can also call us at 855-UNABLE TO WORK to set up a consultation with a disability attorney. We can also set up and audio/video teleconference.
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Disability Claims | Philadelphia, PA | Ruch & Shipon PC | 215-722-4433

Support and benefits for your medical condition

Your medical condition may make you entitled for Social Security benefits that you're not aware of. Our attorneys will help you locate and secure these helpful benefits.

If you suffer from epilepsy, diabetes, depression, or any other medical disorder, and if you are now unable to work, schedule a consultation to find out how you can file your benefits claim.

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Medication Side Effects Attorney | Philadelphia, PA | Ruch & Shipon PC | 215-722-4433

Are you taking medications that make you dizzy, nauseous or other serious symptoms and are you unable to work due to it? We can help you with your Social Security Disability and a possible law suit against the pharmacy or drug manufacturer.

Regardless of what condition you're being treated for, the side effects of the medication you take may make you eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Don't let the impairment that's keeping you out of work prevent you from enjoying your life. Speak to an attorney about filing your claim today.

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If you answer yes to the following questions you could be eligible to valuable monthly social security disability/SSI benefits:

     1. Are you unable to work now due to a serious medical condition either physical or mental?

     2. Are you treating with a doctor and have you had testing to prove you have a serious physical condition? Or if you have a serious mental condition have you been     treating with a psychiatrist?

     3.  Do you have enough work credits? (SSD beneftis) OR Are you living in a low income household? (SSI benefits).

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